Arvot ja periaatteet

Arvot ja periaatteet

Responsibility is actions - Omahima principles


Our value philosophy is simple:

Because it is not economically or humanely possible to stop all consumption, we need to change what we consume. Each purchase is a statement.

We may make a difference by favoring goods with a long life-cycle, whose raw materials are renewable and recycled and which are produced as handcrafts or in small enterprises in fair working conditions.  



The goods we sell

One or more of these good aims are reached when you buy an item from Omahima:

  • production is more ecological than in mediocre production
  • sustainable or recycled materials are used in the production
  • a product is made by a small entrepreneur or a family business
  • a product is designed and/or made in Finland
  • production is based on fair trade principles, meaning that workers have got a fair payment for their work
  • and naturally, no child workers are used in production.
  • product life-cycle is long, and at the end, the product should be recyclable.

Omahima tries to research thoroughly the ethical and responsible background of our suppliers, but especially what comes to foreign suppliers we need to rely on the information they give us. Omahima is not self producing anything, we act only as a retailer. However, a part of our philosophy is that if we have a suspicious attitude to everyhting, nothing changes.


Sustainability in our own activities

We aim to organize our activities in a way that the strain to environment is as low as possible.

This includes for example

  1. Our storage and working spaces are heated with geothermal pump and air-source heat pump. The furniture is bought recycled.
  2. Clean & neat post boxes and fillings are recycled, thus you may reserve your order in a recycled box. Plastic fillings are always recycled.
  3. New boxes, envelopes and other paper products are made of mostly recycled materials, and they are produced in Finland or in EU close-by countries.  
  4. We drive the orders to transport companies once a day, all together, and try to avoid any extra driving.
  5. We print on eco-marked paper.
  6. We are open about background, production and materials in out items. We don't sell items, whose producer/wholesaler cannot tell enough information about.
  7. We donate min 5% of our yearly profit to an organisation promoting sustainability or environment.

Thank you for taking a look at Omahima principles!

If case there still are unanswered questions, you are welcome to contact us at