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Home Bag - multipurpose help for all home storage


Home Bags are suitable for both home and garden. They are light and durable felt baskets made from recycled plastic and can be disposed with other household plastic.


Reasonable priced Home Bags can be used for all kind of home storage purposes. Here a few examples to where our clients have used their Home Bags:

  • Planting pots for ourdoor and garden plants, also for glass house planting.
  • For logs; Home Bag is  aperfect for bringing logs into house, all that dirt stays inside the bag.
  • Recycling spot at home; an own Home Bag for different items: glass, metal, plastic etc. easy to grab with you from handles, and it is stable in the car because of its' even large bottom.
  • At kids' room; for toys, cloths, sports equipment, dirty laundry
  • For pet items; toys, tools for care, to hide food cans and bags
  • In a bathroom; small Home Bag is perfect for keeping cosmetics, brushes, combs etc, bigger ones for towels, cosmetic bottles etc.
  • In a hall Home Bags can be used for scarfs, gloves, mittens; why not have an own Home Bag for every kid for their sneakers? That keeps dirt and shoes drifting around.
  • Shopping; a Home Bag is really practical at the super market, it stays stable and open for packing groceries.
  • And whatever else you invent, there are dozens of other uses for your Home Bag!

Home Bags come in three different sizes, 23 l and 30 l and a small 3 liter Home Bag.

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Home Bags are really easy to care for. As they are made of plastic, smells or liquids do not absorb. In most cases it is enough just to rinse the bag with water. If the bag is really dirty, it can be washed in the wshing machine. It does not leave colour, but the size may slightly shrink.


Production & material

The felt material is mechanically 100% recycled PET-plastic bottles e.g. the felt product is a second generation rPET fiber product. In the manufacturing process the used bottles and packages go through a mill and the grains are melted and purified. The mass is made in to felt with a needle punching machinery. The rPET-felt material is very durable and it can be washed and irons easily.

The felt production and sewing is done in China, in a small family business. The brand owners have visited the premises and have confirmed that the condiitons for workers are good.

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) refers to certain type of plastic which has very good thermal properties. It can be moulded into new products over and over again. It has very good resistance for moisture absorption and therefore it does not get mold. The best property is its resistance for UV radiation eg. sunlight. This means that it holds it ́s durable structure and colours even in direct sunlight.

Plastic is always plastic but by reusing PET-plastic we keep the plastic out of our seas and landfills. The energy efficiency of the reproduction is relatively good compared to in creating virgin polyester products and many other fibres like cotton.


Use in gardens

Home Bags can be used as growbags. Because the material is plastic, the soil can be added directly in to the pouch and it lasts years before it breaks. Felt has numerous advantages in garden use.

  • According to studies at the University of Colorado in the US, the material stops the roots circulating like in any other pots. The material helps the plant to generate a viable root net, resulting into a stronger plant.
  • The felt material does not break in winter temperatures and it keeps it’s colour in sun as rPET felt is UV- resistant.
  • Excess water runs though the felt and keeps the roots breath. The bags are ideal in larger scale as part of a plant watering system for instance in green houses. Tomatoes and cucumbers are good examples of use. o
  • The bags are easy to move, empty, store and reuse in garden use. The handles are durable and make the plants easy to remove. The package contains a warning not to use on surfaces that might suffer from the excess water running through the pouch.
Home bag info page

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