OOHH low vase DOUBLE, white


Modern style low vase / pot in which the inner part is in two parts. Made from recycled paper, the outer part is finished with sand. There is rubber latex inside, making this pot 100% water proof. This item is part of Torn Edge Collection of OOhh.


Diameter 20 cm, height 10 cm. Completely biodegradable.


Product background

The OOhh collection incorporates the nature and the environment into Scandinavian designs by a Danish company Lübech Living. OOhh is designed to surprise and inspire.The design, the recycled materials and the composition are supposed to bring out the ‘OOhh’, ‘Aha’ reaction, which enriches our life and bring joy to our soul & home.


The goods are made in a fair trade project in Sri Lanka. The project offers less priviledged women the opportunity to take care of their children and house whilst making an income working at home. One of the important principles is that the women are paid the same price per product, independent of the number of items made per week – this in respect and understanding of the role as a mother and housewife, where unexpected tasks can occur during the week.


The collection is made from recycled material only. Primarily used materials are recycled paper as well as eco-felt, a fabric made from recycled plastic, as well as off cuts from mahogany wood as well as Kurundu wood. The pottery collection is coated with a natural latex inside making the vessels 100% waterproof. On the outside the handling is done with a wide variety of recycled materials as well as natural materials as; sand, wood dust, cement, cut-offs from the textile industry.

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