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Available from April 2021

Charming small Wolverine -statue which reflects the true character of this wild and noble animal. A truly respected statue for all wild nature lovers.


Height about 16.5 cm, weight little less than 2 kg. This statue has dark, slightly shiny patina.


Statues are designed by a well-known nature documentarist Janne Henriksson, and hand-made with his wife Marina. Statues are made of concrete in their workshop in Porvoo. Some of the statues get a patina already then, the rest get it by nature with time.


Each statue is made with love, and each receives a surface handling and a felt at the bottom. This felt makes sure that a statue does not harm even delicate surfaces. A statue can be placed outside and can handle freezing, but it is good to take it inside for winter season.

statue, sculpture, animal, wild, garden, decoration, yard, terrace, handmade, concrete


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3 - 3 of 8 results

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