Ecological choices for your bathroom and for everyday hygiene, supporting sustainable lifestyle. You find here plastic-free, handmade & long lifecycle items, and biodegradabe products for everyday use.

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KIKOI pumice

Big-sized pumice made of natural stone. Handmade by Kenyan people who have difficulties finding jobs.


Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo -toothbrush is a great option for a plastic toothbrush. The handle is made of bamboo and the soft brushes are made of bamboo carbon fiber.


Bamboo hair brush

Bamboo -hair brush is an ecological choice and suitable for plastic-free lifestyle. Its' natural style is a joy to watch in your bathroom.


Bamboo comb

Beautiful and practical comb made of bamboo, which is fast growing and sustainable material.


Durable cotton pads

Ecological and washable, soft durable cotton pads for everyday skincare, includes a washing bag.


Bamboo cotton swabs

Ecological Bamboo – swabs are made of only natural materials, bamboo and cotton.


Bambu soap dish

Environment friendly soap dish made of fast-growing bamboo. Plastic-free and naturally antibacterial choice for soap bar users.


KIKOI soap bowl made from stone

This small bowl is made by hand from a light-coloured stone in Kenya.




BUTTON salt soap

Himalayan chrystal salt soap cares for your skin naturally. The good effects of salt on skin hav ebeen known for thousands of years.


KIKOI stone bowl, oval

Handmade from stone, each bowl is unique since the natural patterns vary. Made in Kenya with Fair Trade principles.


Hanging jute basket ANIKA, bluewhite

Jute basket which can be hanging or standing on a surface, Fair Trade production.



Jute basket ALISHA, natural

Beautiful and practical jute basket in natural colour and with a white ziczac pattern. Fair Trade.


Jute basket ALISHA, bluewhite

Beautiful and practical jute basket in colour natural with blue. Fair Trade.


SAIMAA wall shelf, green

This is what makes Nordic design famous: this shelf is good-looking, practical and high quality. Designed and made in Finland.


BY PIA'S kitchen towel, natural

Gorgeous linen towel from the Finnish brand By Pia's, in a natural linen colour.


BY PIA'S kitchen towel SEASIDE, black-white

Gorgeous linen towel from the Finnish brand By Pia's, in a classical black-and-white colour combination.


BY PIA'S kitchen towel SEASIDE, white-blue

Gorgeous washed linen towel from the Finnish brand ByPia's, in a fresh and classic colour combination.


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