Bottle PAPIER MACHÉ, bluemarble


These bottles which are made by papier maché –technique are a charming way to bring colour to home, with a sensible price. The cover of the bottle is handmade with coloured recycled newspaper, and inside the bottle is a recycled plastic bottle, which makes this vase water-tight.

Height is about 24 cm, diabeter of the bottom 8 cm. Because the bottles are handmade, there are small varieties in colours and patterns.

In bluemarble -colour there is a hint of lilac/rosa included.


Background information

The production is based on recycling. Old newspapers are recycled into paper maché products. The molds for the paper maché products are made by a local artist in the Philippines, who is also in charge of the production. The paper maché production is taking place as cottage industry in a region specialised in this handicraft. The people working on the paper maché products are paid a fair price/income.

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