KIKOI stone bowl, round


A round bowl, diameter about 15 cm. Bowls are hand-made and there are small differences in measures and colour of stone. There may also be small uneven areas at the bottom.


Background of material

The Kenyan soapstone, Kisii stone, comes from the Tabaka Hills of Western Kenya. It is carved by hand, then given the final touch with sand paper and water. Kenya is globally known of these Kisii soap stone decorations and kitchenware. The soft surface makes you want to touch and feel the material again and again!


Why is this item a sustainable choice?

Kikoi -products are made in Africa, in cooperation with Finnish women who have fair-trade & charity production and support of women’s rights and entrepreneurship in their core values. The women have also visited the production sites. Traditionally, raw materials have been imported from developing countries leaving thus very little value to the country. Kikoi -production gives jobs to local people, and supports especially employment of women.

fair trade, developing countries, support, bowl, interior, sustainable, responsible

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