Scent Candle ESSENTIALS Provencian Lavender

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Essentials -candles are in a glass jar, which is packed in a elegant-looking carbon box. They are vegan and the scent comes from clean essential oils. Scent is light, creating a wonderful background scent. Essentials –scents are fresh as their scent type.


The scent "Provencian Lavender" is a classical combination of essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus. It creates a harmonius and calming atmosphere in your home.


Essentials -candles burn about 40 - 45 h. The ”wick” of the candle is a wooden piece, which burns in a wide beautiful flame, without smoke. Burning makes a cosy soft crackle.


Candle Light Story is a Finnish one-woman company, which produces these candles by hand and emphasizing high quality.

Remember also that by buying an item made close-by, the transport is shorter and thus the carbon footprint smaller.


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