We are among the first to sell these beautiful Mia.O -items with a strong feeling of handicraft and Finnish lifestyle by sea! Since the first sight, we fell in love with the fresh sea air around them and their genuine touch.


Weather Forecast- cushion cover has text prints in two different grey shades, including phrases and names from the Finnish radio's sea weather forecast. The other side is single white. Classic already, mark our words. Because of the neutral colouring and high quality this cushion cover is also appreciated as a gift. 

Also available is Weather Forecast -kitchen towel!!


The fabric is half linen - half cotton and especially designed and woven for Mia.O items. It is printed in small amounts in Finland. The look of the fabric is real handicraft, with high quality and robust feel. The prints are designed by Mia.O.


The size is 45cm x 45cm. We tested the cover with an inner cushion 50 x 50cm, and it fit perfectly.


Why is this item a sustainable choice?

MiaO products have been made in Finland, with environmental-friendly printing and handicraft. Linen is ecological material, since it grows in rugged soil and growing does not require pestisides. Linen is also very durable, and products made from linen are therefore long-lasting. This product has not been transported long distances. By buying it, you also support small entrepreneurs.

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