Weaver Green Blanket DIAMOND CORAL


You would never know it, but this gorgeous blanket is hand woven from garn made of approximately 300 recycled plastic bottles.


The size is luxuriously big, about 130 cm x 230 cm + the tassels. Because of the generous size, a blanket can be used as a day cover for a single bed, or as a cover for a sofa.


Colour "Coral" is a beautiful warm shade, not an orange neither pinkish or reddish. It is slightly broken, thus not too bright. Coral emphasises perfectly grey or natural white shades, as well dark colours.


Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, these soft, cosy blankets aren’t just great sofa throws but can also be used as waterproof picnic blankets, not to talk about using them in summer cottages, boats and terasses. Best of all, they’re stain resistant and easy to clean, and a great choice for those with children, pets or a habit of spilling red wine.


The blankets are also moth resistant and won't attract dust mites making them a favourite with allergy sufferers.


All this praise is crowned by the fact that the garn for these blankets is wowen in Asia, from recycled plastic bottles. Exactly there, where the plastic problem is the biggest. For every blanket, about 300 plastic bottles are used.

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