Tea strainer LEAF


Leaf - tea strainer helps you to make excellent tea and create a enjoyable tea moment. Besides perfect tea, you get visual pleasure from the timeless and beautiful look of this strainer. The Leaf -tea strainer set includes a handicrafted, enamelled collar and a separate strainer part. There are several colours available, so you can easily find your favourite colour. Appreciated gift idea for any tea lover!

Special qualities:

  • Dense strainer part, which keeps even the smallest tea leaves inside.
  • A spacious strainer part, giving enough room for lea leaves to open and give flavour.
  • Fits both on tea cup or a tea pot; you can always make a needed amount of tea.
  • The collar is slightly curved, thus you can lift it away without burning your fingers.
  • Cleaning is easy; a strainer part can be just lifted away for washing.
  • At the bottom of the collar part is natural cork which is an isolating material; the collar stays cool and tea water hot!


The collar is carefully enamelled by hand is Mikkeli, Finland. This item has been granted Design from Finland and Avainlippu (made in Finland) - certifications.



A strainer part can be washed in the dish washer.

A collar is gently hand-washed. The natural cork at the bottom takes moisture and getting wet for a short time, but it cannot be soaked or washed in the dish washer.


Product variations
Väri: Keltainen
27.90 €
Väri: Punainen
27.90 €
Väri: Sininen
27.90 €
Väri: Vihreä
27.90 €
Väri: Musta
27.90 €
Väri: Siniharmaa
27.90 €

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