LINEN TALES linen cushion cover, pink lavender


It is easy to fall in love with attracting Linen Tales – cushion covers. The linen is pre-washed, which makes it soft to touch and it falls beautifully, stays clean, is durable and only gets better with time. Linen is also not a fashion trend but adapts with changing styles and environments.

We have several colours in selection, and we are adding new colours all the time.


Size is 45 x 45 cm. You may use also 50 x 50cm inner cushion, especially older and already slightly flat.

Read the care instructions from here


Linen Tales is a brand created and owned by a Lithuanian family business. The goods are made in Lithuania, from European linen. The company’s vision about an ethic and sustainable production is at the heart of their business. It means respecting people and the environment in everything they do, and to create great products in a kind and sustainable way. The company is committed to extending the product life cycle and to reducing their environmental impact.



Why is a linen item a sustainable choice?

Linen is considered as ecological alternative to e.g. cotton, because growing does not require much – if at all - pesticides, fertilizers or watering. Linen grows well in moist and  cooler climate, and rugged soil.

Linen fibre is long and durable, and it is non-allergenic and antibacterial by nature. The fibre rejects dirt, and is thus extremely suitable for both clothing and home textiles. That quality makes it also possible to wash goods in longer intervals, and durability guarantees for a long lifecycle.

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