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OOHHx VALENCIA glass bowl, green


This low cylinder bowl is classical and modern at the same time. It is suitable for many kind of interior styles, and can be used for different purposes. It is part of a Danish sustainable interior line. Besides for using it for flowers and branches, you can put sand and candles in it, or use it as a serving bowl or as a fruit bowl. Read below about the environmental benefits of recycled glass.

Colour green is a fresh green shade, clearly translucent so that the living nature of glass is beautifully visible.


Measurements diameter 20cm, height 13cm.


Item's sustainability

Recycling glass provides clear environmental benefits. It reduces CO2 and saves energy: 11.000 tons of recycled glass collected across Europe in one year brings about CO2 savings equal to remove 4 million cars from the roads! Futhermore, in production about 30% less energy is required to melt cullet compared to virgin raw material. Glass can be recycled endlessly with no loss in quality or purity. 

Production in the EU-area (Spain) quarantees that there is no child-labour involved, and that workers have their basic rights. Also the transport distances are moderate compared to for example to Asian production.

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