BY PIA'S kitchen towel SEASIDE, white-blue


A towel made form high-quality thick Baltic linen, with an excellent absorbing capacity and it also gets dry fast. Linen is stone-washed, which makes it really soft and it falls beautifully. This towel only becomes better with age, and you can use it for years and decades. Harmonic natural colours fit all kind of environments and styles.

Size 50 cm x 70 cm, a loop for hanging.


Product background

By Pia's design is a Finnish family company, which produces high-quality linen items. Linen is grown in Baltic countries, and the goods are sown in Estonia,in close co-operation with By Pia's.


Linen is considered as ecological alternative to e.g. cotton,because growing does not require pestisides, fertilizers or watering. Linen grows well in moist and  cooler climate, and rugged soil.


Linen fibre is long and durable, and it is non-allergenic and antibacterial by nature. The fibre rejects dirt, and is thus extremely suitable for both clothing and home textiles. That quality makes it also possible to wash goods in longer intervals, and durability quarantees for a long lifecycle.


Can be used as: kitchen towel, dish towel, hand towel


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